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The Maxon GE601 Graphic Equalizer pedal is the perfect accessory for Guitarists who require precise control over their instrument’s tone. Covering six carefully selected frequency bands from 100 Hz to 3.2 kHz and offering + or - 12 dB of cut or boost, the Maxon GE601 EQ can be used as a tone filter, feedback eliminator, pickup simulator or level booster. 

Input Impedance: 500K Ohms

Input Jack: 1/4 inch standard phone jack

Output Impedance: 10K Ohms

Output Jack: 1/4 inch standard phone jack

Output: 1

Controls: Cut/Boost (6), Level (1)

Switch: Normal/Effect

Max Input: 4 dBu

Noise (IHF-A): -110 dBu

Max Amplitude: 12 dB

Frequency Range: 100 Hz 3.2 KHz

Power Supply: 9V Manganese dry cell battery (S-006P) or special AC adaptor

Power Voltage: DC9 V (Battery) / DC10 V (AC-adaptor)

Current Consumption: 11 mA (9V) / 12 mA (10 V)

AC Adaptor: AC210N (option) Input: AC120V Output: DC9V/200 mA Center - / Sleeve +)

Dimensions (main body): 61 mm (W) x 112 mm (D) x 35 mm (H)

Dimensions (whole): 70 mm (W) x 112 mm (D) x 55 mm (H)

Weight: 240 g

Accessories: 9V Manganese dry cell battery (S-006P) x 1

Non-skid pad: x 1

Warranty Card: x 1

User's Manual: x 1

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