News and Reviews of Maxon Guitar Effects Pedals

News & Reviews

The latest creations with Mr. Tamura and Godlyke!

GODLYKE no longer distributing Maxon pedals—Still working with Mr. Tamura.

Maxon OD808X Overdrive Extreme Review
Premier Guitar Magazine - September 2015

Maxon reissues 9-Series Super Metal and Super Tube pedals for 2010

Maxon ST-9 Pro+ SuperTube Overdrive Review
Premier Guitar Magazine - November 2010

Maxon ROD-880 Real Tube Overdrive Review
Analog War Cry blog - September/October 2010

Maxon TBO-9 True Tube Booster/Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal - by John Quigley

The Stomping Grounds - 25+ reviews to put some womp in your stomp
Premier Guitar - November 2009

"To The Nines" - Maxon Nine Series Pedals
Guitar World Magazine - June 2008

Echo-Off ’06- AD-999
Vintage Guitar Magazine - October 2006

Echo-Off ’06 - AD-9
Vintage Guitar Magazine - October 2006

Maxon AD999 and Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man - 2006

Maxon CS-9 Stereo Chorus Pro - 2006

Maxon ROD881 Overdrive/Distortion
Guitar Player Magazine - January 2006

Maxon AD999 Review
Guitar Player Magazine - December 2005

Stompbox Fever – Maxon CP-9 Pro+ and PT-9 Pro+
Guitar Player Magazine - November 2005

Maxon AD999 versus EH Memory Man
Legendary Tones - 2005

Maxon AD-9 vs. Ibanex AD-9 Shootout
Legendary Tones - 2004

Maxon Nine Series Time Delay Review
Vintage Guitar Magazine - October 2004

Maxon OD820 vs Klon Centaur Shootout
Legendary Tones 2004

Maxon OD-9 Review
Zap Guitar 2004

Maxon PH-350 Review
Better Guitar 2004

Maxon Nine Series Review
Guitar Player Magazine - July 2003

Maxon Nine Series Review
Guitar World Magazine - July 2003

Maxon OD-9 Review
Guitar One Magazine - March 2003

Maxon Nine Series Review
Vintage Guitar Magazine - November 2002

Maxon PH350 Rotary Phaser Review
Keyboard Magazine­ July, 2002

Maxon VS Effects ­ 70's tones, 21st-century quality
Vintage Guitar Magazine - February, 2002

Maxon OD808 Overdrive Review
Tokai Registry

Analog Elegance ­ Maxon Vintage Series Stompboxes
Guitar Player Magazine - November 2001

Back to the Future |­ Maxon Reissue Series Effects
Vintage Guitar Magazine - November, 2000

Maxon OD808 Overdrive Review
20th Century Guitar Magazine - October, 2000

Pedal Tones ­ New Maxon Stompboxes
Guitar Player Magazine - May 2000

Tone Travelers ­ Maxon Reissue Series Effects Pedals
Guitar World Magazine - April 2000