Warranty Registration

PLEASE NOTE: Godlyke, Inc. is NO LONGER handling Warranty Service for Maxon Brand Products.  We will still be servicing all Custom Shop models such as the Apex808, Super Sonic Distortion, and 40th Anniversary OD808 Models.

For all other warranty services, please contact Maxon Japan directly: Maxon.co.jp

Warranty becomes effective only when Godlyke, Inc. receives the completed form (below) within (30) days of receiving your product. This registration form must be filled out completely.

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Maxon – 3-Year Limited warranty (N. & S. America, Greece, Italy). Godlyke, inc. guarantees to replace or repair (at their option) this product should it suffer from defects in materials or workmanship. Coverage is one (1) year for moving parts (pots, switches, jacks, tubes), and three (3) years for non-moving parts (IC’s, resistors, PC-Board, etc.). Damage Caused by accident, abuse, alteration, or misuse of the product are not covered by this warranty. Product appearance and normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. This warranty is NON-TRANSFERRABLE and applies to the original purchaser only. No other warranty is expressed or implied.