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A revolution in audio connector design, Pivot-All plugs feature a ¼” shaft that can be continuously rotated over a 180-degree arc, making connections in even the tightest, most limited spaces virtually effortless.

Crowded pedalboards, complicated rack systems, and awkwardly-located instrument and amplifier jacks can now be plugged into with ease thanks to Pivot-All's patented, swivel-head design.

Pivot-All plugs also help to reduce short-circuits by moving the cable’s stress-point to the plug’s ball joint as opposed to the solder connection.

Pivot-All plugs feature a gold-plated tip for the best transfer of signal; a locking clamp mechanism to securely hold the connector cable; and a heat-resistant insulator around the hot connection to prevent damage from soldering.  Please note that this listing is for an individual plug, which must be soldered to a cable.  If you'd like us to make the cable in our professional facilities, then please take a moment to browse and select the correct length/configuration here

If you have any questions, or need a custom quote, please email us directly.

Pivot-All plugs are made in Japan from the highest quality materials available.

NOTE:  PV-A plugs must be soldered to a cable - They cannot be connected to an existing straight plug.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dale Eddy

These are simply the best! You need to make combine with a silent plug and you will have the best jack in the universe!!

Billy Dee
Such a great idea!

Easily the best of my recent purchases. This plug makes switching basses during gigs a snap for me since my basses have output jack in different locations. A very robust design and build, I have no worries this will survive years of abuse. Integrating a silent plug into this would be my Christmas wish.