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To order the Fortin Modded TS9 Ibanez Tube Screamer, click here.

Please note, Godlyke, Inc. is no longer Maxon's Distributor and we will no longer be receiving inventory from Maxon Japan.  Please see our Fortin Modded Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer here as well as the NEW Fortin modded TS808 Tube Screamer.  Keep up to date at


  • Classic Maxon OD-9 modified by amp guru Mike Fortin
  • Extreme output level to push any amp to its limits
  • Gain structure ranges from clean boost to sweet, classic overdrive
  • Red LED’s in clipping stage for more organic, amp-like tone
  • Enhanced upper midrange response for improved note articulation
  • True Bypass Switching
It’s an undisputed fact that countless Metal & extreme music guitarists have used Maxon overdrives to pummel their amps and sculpt their tones with surgical precision.

So who better to modify a Maxon pedal for optimum performance with high-gain amps than one of the industry’s foremost amp designers?

We’re extremely stoked to announce the release of the Custom Shop, Fortin-modded OD-9 Overdrive.

For years, many of our friends and artists have been raving about Fortin Amplification and their monstrous tones.  So, when we ran into Mike Fortin at the 2020 NAMM show, the first thing we did was pitch him on the idea of doing a mod for a Maxon pedal.  

Mike enthusiastically agreed, and one pandemic-stricken mess of a year later, the Fortin-modded OD-9 has finally become a reality.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Fortin OD-9 is that it is LOUD.  I mean, REALLY loud.  Like, obscene, window-shattering, tinnitus-inducing, end-of-the-universe LOUD.  

This excessive output level simply pulverizes the front-end of any amplifier, torturing tones out of tubes that must be heard to be believed.  

The use of red LED’s in place of the standard clipping diodes allows the Fortin OD-9 to offer a fully clean boost when the Drive control is set to zero.  When Drive is increased, these red LED’s also offer a more natural-sounding, tube-like clipping than standard diodes.

The Fortin OD-9 has also been voiced with an enhanced upper midrange, accentuating higher-order harmonics for more articulate pick attack

With a few simple yet strategic component swaps, Mike Fortin has taken a legendary overdrive and converted it into an essential component in the quest for crushing crunch.  The Fortin-modded Maxon OD-9 – sheer brutality in a box.
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