Apex808 overdrive
Apex808 overdrive
Apex808 overdrive
Apex808 overdrive
Apex808 overdrive
Apex808 overdrive

Apex808 overdrive

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Please allow 5-7 business days for us to build and test your pedal.

The first 100 units were hand signed by Mr. Tamura (at no additional cost). First come, first served; these signed units are now sold out.

Designed by Tubescreamer creator Susumu Tamura, the Apex808 was developed after meticulous analysis of over 100 vintage and current production Tubescreamer/808 variants over a period of 3 years.

During this study it was determined that the best sounding TS specimens all featured not only a specific brand of IC, but also that the IC in question was from a specific production period.

This IC was subsequently sourced by Mr. Tamura and incorporated into the design of the Apex808. The use of this “hen’s tooth” IC has a dramatic effect on the sound characteristics of the Apex808, generating a transparency, clarity and note-to-note separation so uncanny that it makes other drives sound as if they are being played with a blanket over the speaker.

The Apex808’s hand-selected IC offers the added benefit changing the overtone components of the signal based on input level.

At low levels, the Apex808 generates primarily even-order harmonics. When the input level is increased, the Apex808 generates a blend of even- and odd-order harmonics, creating an overtone series that imitates the preamp and power sections of a tube amp with remarkable accuracy.

Housed in a classic Overdrive-Green chassis with a beautiful brushed aluminum black and silver faceplate, the Apex808 allows the user to capture the sounds and feel of the best vintage Tubescreamer without having to play through or pay thousands to do so.

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