Maxon OD808 Review - 20th Century Guitar Magazine - October 2000


October, 2000
Product Reviews ­ Maxon OD808 by Ray Matuza

It's common knowledge that to many the Holy Grail of overdrive pedals is the old Ibanez TS808 or the TS9 that followed. While these vintage pedals command prices of $250.00 and up, what's not so common knowledge is that the Maxon company of Japan produced the Ibanez line of effects way back when and do so even to this day. So with the popularity of these much sought after pedals, Maxon has appropriately introduced (or re-introduced) a new line call the "Maxon Reissue Series" pedals which oddly enough contains on suspiciously named OD808 Overdrive! Curious? Read on.

Housed in a slightly "greener" green stomp box, the OD808 features pretty much the same controls as the original, only with a standard stomp type footswitch rather than the square "chicklet" style.

Sonically, this new generation is a little clearer in the mids with a slightly smoother overdrive. I always loved the sound of my TS808 through my '66 Twin and now, since my original is long gone, I can have it all back without the paranoia and anxiety of a feared theft, all at a cheaper price than a vintage one. Bravo!