Maxon AD999 Review - Vintage Guitar Magazine - October 2006


Echo-Off ’06 – 11 Devices that Let You Sound Good While Repeating Yourself – Repeatedly
by Bob Dragich

MAXON AD999 ($375)

This pedal has all the vintage analog tone of the Maxon (and Ibanez) AD-9, but with two very important improvements.

The three 9’s on the faceplate reveal this pedal’s strong point; it can hold a note for three times as long as either of the AD-9’s. At 900 mS, the maximum time between notes is just under a full second, giving the musician much greater flexibility. Also, the AD999 has a true bypass footswitch.

COOL: Three times the analog delay, three times the fun. True-bypass switching, weird/beautiful purple color, case heavy enough to be used as an anchor for a mid-sized yacht.

COOLER IF: Um, can’t think of anything.