Maxon AD-9 Review - Vintage Guitar Magazine - October 2006


Echo-Off ’06 – 11 Devices that Let You Sound Good While Repeating Yourself – Repeatedly
by Bob Dragich

MAXON AD-9 ($400)

Sometimes simplicity is actually beautiful, and that word describes the AD-9 quite well. A re-creation of the now sough after vintage Ibanez AD-9, the Maxon has all the attributes that made/makes the Ibanez so desirable. The maximum delay time is only 300 mS, and the high-frequency drop-off is immediate. And with the first repeat, treble has left the building. The effect is that each echo has a very round sound, which most people find very pleasing to the ear. Add true-bypass and compact size, and this pedal is irresistible.

COOL: The definition of vintage analog tone, inexpensive, fits neatly on a pedalboard.

COOLER IF: If it ain’t broke...