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This contact form is for Custom Shop models ONLY.

Godlyke, Inc. is NO LONGER Maxon's American distributor and we will no longer be handling Warranty Service for Maxon brand products nor can we provide any additional information (technical or otherwise) on Maxon brand products.

We will ONLY be servicing all our Custom Shop models such as the Apex808, Super Sonic Distortion, and 40th Anniversary OD808 Models.

To stay up to date on our latest collaborations with Mr. Tamura, Scott Henderson, and other cool stuff, please check our main website: .


Please DO NOT contact us regarding any repair, warranty, technical information, or parts for Maxon products.  We are no longer Maxon's Distributor and do not have access to that information; if you need information about Maxon pedals, please contact Maxon Japan directly.


If you are interested in any of our remaining inventory of Maxon pedals/b-stock/prototypes/select parts, please see out B-Stock Page on our main website,

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