Maxon reissues 9-Series Super Metal and Super Tube pedals for 2010

The great thing about being in business over 40 years is that you have a long history to draw inspiration from.  In keeping with their tradition of “improved reissues,” Maxon has opened the vaults once again to resurrect two of their most popular models from the 1980’s - the SM-9 Super Metal and ST-9 Super Tube.

Adding 9- or 18-volt operation and a variety of new controls, the new Pro+ versions of these classic Maxon stompers offer a taste of the past while looking towards the future.  Whether you’re a blues purist or a metal rebel, the new Maxon Super Models are the perfect pair - count on them to save your tone!

The new Super Metal Pro+ can create a wide variety of high-gain guitar tones, from the classic “scooped midrange” made famous by the 1980’s thrash pioneers to the huge low-end needed to reproduce the drop-tuned sounds of modern metal. An Overdrive based on Maxon’s classic “808” circuit, the Super Tube Pro+ offers new features such as separate MID control to vary the degree of Midrange boost, a mode switch to select from two different diode types, and switchable 9- or 18-volt operation via an internal voltage-doubling circuit.